Red Cow Barbecue in Fort Lauderdale

Red Cow Barbecue in Fort Lauderdale: A Meat Treat From the Owner of Coconuts and the Foxy Brown

The sweet perfume of molasses and slow-burning hickory wood punches you in the face when you step inside Elliot Wolf’s new restaurant, Red Cow, near the impossible-to-navigate intersection of Sunrise Boulevard and Federal Highway.

As you take your seat in an apple-red chair, you don’t realize that first shot was part of a one-two combination. If the mouthwatering scent of barbecue is a jab, the price of a plate of slow-cooked meat here is the uppercut. A fair 18 bucks gets you a heaping plate of shiny pork spareribs whose meat falls from the bone with little prodding. Every delicious bite contains a lavender-pink smoke ring and thin ribbons of rich fat.

Click on the link to read the full article.


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