Stache Bringing Craft Cocktails to Downtown Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has many options when it comes to drinking.


We have dive bars up the yin-yang, beach bars like they’re going out of style, tiki bars you wouldn’t believe, more sports bars than you can shake a stick at, Irish bars galore, and just about everything in between.

What we don’t have, however, are any speakeasies or many craft cocktail bars. Sure, we have great mixologists who can certainly shake up a damned good drink, but they’re usually found as a backdrop to craft beer-centric concepts, like Tap 42, or really high-end like Steak 954.

That will not be the case by the end of this month, Bar Stache is bringing classic and creative cocktails and a 1920’s drinking den vibe to downtown Fort Lauderdale — finally!

Starting on September 27, Stache will be kicking off its soft opening with a charity event for Glam-A-Thon.


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