Getting down at the Funky Buddha

Funky Buddha Brewery


Craft beer fans in SoFlo rejoice, there’s a place where your wildest dream flavors are being created. The Funky Buddha, and when the owners say the beer will taste like bacon, you can expect BACON!

Maple Bacon Coffee Porter to be exact, which is one of their popular brews, released about once a year, if you’re lucky enough to be there when they have released one, get it. But just like this craft specialty, they have brewskies on tap which come around once a year.

The Funky Buddha brewery began locally in Boca Raton, and made it’s move closer to all the excitement in Ft. Lauderdale, even though it’s addressed as Oakland Park, this is right on the border line which can be considered Ft. Laudy (as locals call it). With less than a year since they opened, it immediately became the largest brewery in South Florida.

Their food is great, or horrible, they don’t have a kitchen, but they have Food Trucks! Who doesn’t love a good food truck. At Funky Buddha, since they don’t have a kitchen, they invite a selection of food trucks to feed their patrons. You can expect a different food truck everyday, if you like to pack your lunch, BYOF bring your own food or order that awesome pizza you enjoy and bring it in to enjoy with your Floridian Hefeweizen (one of the popular ones), a German style wheat beer.  Try the beer flight, learn all the flavors on their tap and take home a growler.

Watch the game at the Funky Buddha as well. They have plenty of TV’s so you’re going to have a great seat wherever you hunker down. Yes, the crowd goes wild when the favorite team scores. This atmosphere is perfect to chill or to get rowdy. The look and feel of the Funky Buddha is one of a kind in South Florida. What’s also one of a kind is their Adult Playground. Let out that inner kid on the bocce ball grounds or play corn hole with your friends, loser buys the next round. Life size Jenga, or Foosball, this is the perfect place to eat, drink and play.

Before I forget, you can schedule a tour of the brewery! Take a tour, learn the process, have a taste! For this you’ll have to schedule it, so if you’re coming into town for the weekend, don’t miss Funky Buddha Brewery.


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