Correct grammar may help sell homes faster

Correct grammar may help sell homes faster



SEATTLE – May 9, 2014 – Luxury-home listings that are written in full sentences – without spelling or grammatical errors – move off the market three days faster, and they’re 10 percent more likely to sell for above list price compared to listings in general.

On the other hand, listings riddled with technical errors like misspellings, incorrect homonyms and incomplete sentences sit on the market longest; they also have the lowest percentage of listings that command more than list price, according to a study conducted by online proofreading app Grammarly and Redfin.

For the study, Grammarly examined 106,850 luxury listings in 52 metro areas last year.

“Perfect” grammar listings may indicate the agent is attentive to other details as well, like pricing the home correctly and weighing offers, suggests Karen Krupsaw, vice president of real-estate operations at Redfin.

The analysis also looked at style preferences and found that phrases written in all-capital letters saw the least success in terms of sale price. Common abbreviations that tend to be recognized even by buyers outside the real estate industry, such as “bdrm” for “bedroom,” fared well by comparison.

Source: Wall Street Journal (05/09/14) P. M12; Tanaka, Sanette

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