New Bakery in Fort Lauderdale!

Baked goods are one of the greatest pleasures of life. And like so many other culinary pleasures, the French have nailed the whole baking thing to a T.


There’s nothing quite like that first bite of a fresh-out-of-the-oven, warm, crisp yet pillowy baguette, flaky croissant, or buttery pain au chocolate.

Although we do have a few bakeries scattered around, such merrymaking delights are not all that easy to find in the confines of South Florida — hey, we have lots of other fattening options.

The newly opened Egmondt Bakery in Fort Lauderdale is here to present yet another glutenous pastry course of action. Situated on East Broward Boulevard, the new shop offers a selection of French and European-style pastries and breads right in the heart of downtown.

Owned by husband-and-wife team Olivier and Nadine Maes, the bakery opened in the bottom of the Waverly building about two months ago. Straight from Brussels, the couple decided to open the shop in Fort Lauderdale because they saw a gap in the market.

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